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SAP Calculations for your domestic project or SBEM Calculations for your commercial project

What type of assessment would you like?

SAP Calculation

with Predictive Energy Assessment Certificate



You need an SAP Calculation and a predictive energy assessment (PEA) to show Building Control that the building you are constructing is inline with building regulations

SBEM Calculation

with Building Regulations Part L Report

You need an SBEM Calc and a BRUKL Compliance Report to show Building Control the building you're constructing is inline with Target Emissions Rates.

Commercial EPC
with free recommendation report


You need an EPC if you are building, selling or renting out a non-domestic building, whether new or existing.


Simple. Clear. Results.

The Process is hassle free
Firstly we gather all the data

For SAP and SBEM this can all be done via email by sending us your design plans. For an as built EPC simply arrange access to the property for one of our fully qualified energy assessors. They will measure up and take photos of the building, gathering all the information needed to give you the most accurate energy efficiency rating.

Then we analyse it 

The data is input into our official government developed software that analyses the building against thousands of efficiency factors and building scenarios.

Lastly we issue your certificate

We will then issue you a draft certificate and upon arrival of cleared funds the official Energy Performance Certificate or Building Regulations Report will be released via email.

Free 15 minute energy consultation with every assessment

We issue a recommendation report with every EPC and BRUKL report. We want this to benefit your company as best as possible so grab a coffee and let’s have a 15 minute talk through the report and the recommendations. This also gives a great chance for you to ask any further questions.

About Us

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Nathan Redmon


Domestic & Commercial

Energy Assessor

Energy Ready is a local family business on a mission to help the UK create a smaller carbon footprint and build a sustainable future for our kids and their kids too!

We have over 14 years of experience in commercial energy assessment in our family. As part of the Oyster Energy Group all together we have lodged well over 4000 EPC's to date!


Energy Ready is accredited by Stroma and Elmhurst Energy both of the UK's leading energy performance, sustainability and compliance regulators.

We look forward to working with you in the near future.